About Us


We can provide a complete package to fit your needs and ensure you maintain a consistent and powerful image. Including branding and identity, developing your web presence, print materials, advertising, and packaging.

With a diverse range of skills in fine art, design, illustration and photography, we deliver creative solutions with a depth of beauty and innovation beyond merely good quality design agencies.

On the development side, our skills run deeper than mere ‘web coding’. We¬†create websites, rather than simply tweaking templates, with interactive media, desktop / web apps, or other software on any platform.

Why are we different?

Quite simply, our people.

Our core team are highly skilled, with over a decade of experience in their portfolios working for a wide variety of clients. You will get the best quality of work directed closely by our art director and programmer, and we will draw in other experts we trust where necessary.

Design and development work closely together all through our projects, allowing us to deliver innovative and powerful solutions efficiently.

Stephanie Williams

Art Director

After a BA in English and Fine Art, Steph took a design internship with a national charity. She has worked freelance and for a larger design agency, working for clients ranging from large (Vodafone, Cisco, Aveya, Macmillan Publishers, McGraw Hill), to small startups. The breadth of her artistic background enables her to think intelligently and creatively about visual communication.

In her spare time, Steph enjoys creating conceptual art that makes people think, and writing both philosophy and children's books.

Daniel Williams

Technical Director

Trained as a mathematician at Cambridge, Dan worked as a Software Engineer and Technical Lead for Rovi Corporation (NASDAQ: ROVI), working for clients like EA, Disney, and Paramount, before leaving to form Tiger Finch. With over 15 years experience in Software Engineering on a range of products, Dan enjoys solving the technical hurdles that prevent good designs from coming to fruition. His experience working on device drivers and embedded code, as well as leading a QA development team, give him the attention to detail to deliver a high standard of work.

Dan works on Macs, PCs, and linux, and is fluent in C/C++, Embedded C++, C#, Perl, SQL, PHP, Javascript, bash, and more.

In his spare time, Dan enjoys walking his dog and is an instructor in historical fencing.

Sarah Broady


Sarah works together with Steph in the creative aspects of the business, and particularly focuses on branding, website design, and social media graphics for a range of clients, as well as other designs such as book covers and brochures.

Sarah also helps create publicity for smaller organisations and charities, and having worked as an office manager for two churches and as a manager of a Christian bookshop, she understands the workings of smaller organisations and the importance of professional and personal design for community outreach and engagement.

Sarah is a degu owner, loves to read fantasy/sci-fi novels, and is happiest with good food or being by the ocean.