Church Website Info

Thank you for your enquiry about a church website. This page contains standard information regarding church websites.

Approaches and Typical Costs

Standard Designs

The majority of churches request a bespoke design, as this allows us to tailor the website best to their unique situation and mission. However, some churches do not have the budget for this, and prefer to use a standard design. Please see examples below.

Examples from our portfolio

Please visit our general website portfolio for examples of other websites we have designed for non-church clients.


If you are thinking of creating a new website or leaflets / flyers we would advise having a professional photographer take some photos, as these will really set the feel for how welcoming and attractive the church is. It is worth prioritising this in your budget over other things included in the website design or functionality, as paying for a good website design but putting bad photos on it will bring down the quality of the design, so in a sense wasting your money on this.

If you are using an amateur or hiring another professional photographer, please contact us as we will supply a brief to ensure that the photos are usable on the web and in print.

Clients do not always realise that images must be sourced legally, and that using images found via Google, Pinterest, etc. is not legal. We can provide stock images where needed.

Questions to collect the brief

Please download these files, fill in as much as you can, and return them to us to allow us to form the brief for the work.