Saint Trivelius

Branding for a theological college in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

The client wanted a brand that evoked heritage and tradition, yet had a simple and fresh feel. It was important for them to have a ‘T’ and a cross represented in the logo, as well as a crown, so we made sure to focus the design around those elements. They were keen not to have anything too busy or informal.

This shield icon encompasses all aspects of their identity. The lines on the two sides of the shield icon form the letters ‘C’ and ‘T’ for their Bulgarian name. The shield shape itself conveys history, authority and tradition, while the simplicity of the design shows that they are current and relevant.

The serif font helps to further emphasise the heritage that the college boasts, as it has a very formal and historic feel.

We chose a blue and gold colour scheme to convey royalty – it helps to solidify the secure, regal status that they believe all their students have in Christ, while the white brings a freshness and modernity to the palette.