Hosting Service Agreement

Hosting, Maintenance, & Support package

We can provide managed hosting for clients, for websites and email accounts.

This page details our standard terms for Hosting, Maintenance, & Support. We may provide additional services for clients as agreed.

Note that if you are using a third-party systems (e.g. Office365 for mail) we do not include management or support for this, unless otherwise agreed.


Hosting is provided by our hosting subcontractor; by default we use London-based servers provided by Krystal Hosting.

Hosting includes daily offsite backups (30 snapshots).

Clients are subject to all standard terms and conditions of the hosting subcontractor, including their acceptable use policy, and security policies.

The hosting platform is LiteSpeed.

The standard CPU resources are set to 1 CPU core, 1GB RAM, 25 entry processes. This is sufficient for the vast majority of sites, and with LiteSpeed’s advanced caching system, this provides excellent performance for most sites. However, some sites such as web apps and e-commerce sites may require additional resources; we will discuss this and any additional costs with you if you start reaching resource limits or encountering performance issues.

We do not enforce strict storage limits, but reserve the right to adjust your hosting cost on renewal if your storage exceeds 10Gb. Note that the storage quota includes emails.

Our standard hosting has a 99.99% server uptime.


We provide maintenance and support for WordPress websites. We can provide support for other systems on request.

We perform regular maintenance and security updates to your website.

At our discretion, we may also make compatibility updates to the theme and/or plugins.

Costs of premium plugin updates are not included. We will advise you when building the site if premium plugins are used.

We provide maintenance and support for changes to server and DNS configuration.


We provide support via email or phone.

This includes:

  • Making any changes to the server configuration which you request, such as creating email addresses or forwards, and changes to server or DNS settings.
  • support for editing your site.
  • We can provide some training if you need a refresh on how to edit part of your site, but more significant training is chargeable separately.
  • We can make infrequent minor updates to your site.

Support is subject to our fair use policy: if you require more support, or, at our discretion, we feel your usage of our services exceeds what we consider reasonable, we will discuss alternatives. This may include charging for some work separately, providing additional training, or adjusting the hosting, maintenance, & support charge.


We monitor websites we host to ensure they are online and loading correctly.

Advanced monitoring

As an additional feature, we can perform a daily scan of your website and database to check for malicious alterations to code or other suspicious events. This is an additional option charged separately.

Response times

Critical Support issues

Out-of-hours emergency issues can be reported by phone 24/7 and we will endeavour to resolve them as soon as possible.

Non-critical support issues

Our standard hours for support are 09:00 – 18:00 UK time.

We aim to reply to support issues promptly, within 1 working day.

Other issues

Other issues should be raised by email.

We aim to reply to other issues (such as content updates, enhancements, and other queries) within 3 working days.


We may vary these terms by notifying you via email or phone, or by updating these terms on our website.