Taking team photos

For photos of your team, consistency is important, especially as you’ll probably add the odd one later, and you don’t want new ones to stand out as different to the rest. Location We recommend taking photos against a plain background, e.g. a white wall; this is the easiest way to get consistent reasonable quality photos…. Read more »

Private Browsing Tabs

A common requirement for WordPress editors is to see the site as a guest user (not logged in), or as another user with different privileges (not an admin), whilst editing the site. However, you can’t just open a new tab in your browser and log in as a different user – logins to WordPress, like most… Read more »

Email Accounts, Forwards, and Mailing Lists

There’s a number of ways you can use email for your domain. This page gives an overview of the most common needs organisations have. Mailboxes These are full-fat proper mailboxes, and can send and receive email. You can access them via webmail, software like Outlook or (OSX), or on your phone. They support folders,… Read more »


We offer our clients UK-based hosting which we manage. Most of our clients find this to be the easiest solution, but we don’t insist clients use it; if you want to arrange your own hosting, you’re welcome to. Pricing Our hosting starts from £10/month, billed annually. Can I get cheaper hosting? Absolutely yes. If you… Read more »

Design Process

Smaller projects may follow a shorter process, but most larger projects follow a similar process: 1 – Research & Brief We start each project by collecting the necessary information to form the brief. This may be done via email, phone, or meetings as required. For web and branding projects, we typically use questionnaires to collect the standard… Read more »

Spam and Email Obfuscation

Summary Email obfuscation isn’t effective at stopping spam, and can prevent real users from contacting you. Contact forms have uses but are not a replacement for email addresses. Effective spam filters are much more effective. How do spammers get email addresses? Contrary to common belief, spammers don’t harvest email addresses. They buy lists of millions of… Read more »