EasyEnglish Bible Website

Website and Branding for the EasyEnglish Bible, a translation of the Bible into clear and simple English intended for people learning English, or with learning difficulties.

This project is in progress.

As the translation project was nearing completion, and looking towards a large press release, the EasyEnglish project approached us to redesign and rebrand their website. We helped them to determine a set of intelligent and objective KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to verify the performance of the new design.

There were a number of challenges with this project:

  • Their website already contained a large amount of inconsistently formatted content, currently undergoing editorial review.
    As part of the project, we wrote software to parse their huge collection of static html content, transfer it from various stylings into a standard semantic format, and reformat it consistently for entry into the CMS (Content Management System). This also included internal consistency checks, inserting large amounts of cross references and metadata, inserting word definitions inline in the text, etc. This had to be done on an entirely automated basis, to ensure that they have a maintainable master copy of their content at all times.
  • EasyEnglish required to move the site into the new design in stages.
    To meet this requirement we were able to keep the old and new parts of the site working together while gradually moving parts of the site over to the new design and CMS. We were also able to monitor users’ interaction with the new design in the process and respond to this.


The new site is designed and typeset so that the canonical Bible text is the only text set in a serif font, with all other text (headings, comments, word definitions, navigation elements, and other pages) set in sans-serif.



Bible Text
Bible Text, showing commentary, popup definitions, and navigation features